Howdy, true believers! I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is that I am releasing 3 albums simultaneously on my own imprint, TYGR RAWWK RCRDS. These albums are guaranteed EXTRATERLEST so if you've been riding with me for all these years, cool and if NOT, here's your chance to repent.

The bad news about these releases is that everything is limited. I'm only putting out 500 vinyl of each album and opening this pre-order site up to allow you to reserve 150 (although in the video I said 100….whoops, my fault!) copies.

If you choose to pre-order all three joints, not only do you get a pretty nifty discount, but the first 10 people get a Conjoined Logo patch pictured below, a pair of Tainted Rainbow socks, and everyone who orders the 3 album bundle gets my book, Die Tonight.

And because everything is limited, pre-orders are only up for a limited time only.


PLEASE NOTE: Production time for vinyl can be precarious and the vinyl is not available at the same time as the digital release. Thank you for your patience and support. If you pre-order vinyl, you will receive a digital download of the albums and ongoing updates via e-mail.


  The Echo of Events Unknown and It Held Meaning
(from Wolves of the World)

(from Love Me Tonight)

  This Knife Got A Gun
(from from HAAST)

  Rainbows Get Sick And Die
from Wolves of the World)

  Cemetery Wind
(from Love Me Tonight)

  Green Galaxy, Black Cocaine
(from from HAAST)

 Publicity contact: George Corona @ Terrorbird Media.